Partner Shelter Program

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For a long time we’ve been working on developing this program and today we’re proud to announce it.  As many of you know since the day I started Bound Angels it has been my goal to partner with those who do the hard work of saving shelter pets and help them save even more lives….

Well, today is a big day.  Today we are announcing our Bound Angels Partner Shelter Program.  This program is designed to help shelters save more lives through cooperation.

For years the number one request I’ve received from shelters is that they wish they had access to the tools to save more pets.  I’ve worked with many shelters nationwide whether hands on, online / phone consultations and though our educational campaigns.  To continue in this spirit, the Bound Angels Partner Shelter Program gives shelters regular access to our educational tools, books, articles, discussions, workshops, and so much more.  We will be featuring videos and photos of adoptable animals from participating shelters on our Facebook, YouTube, blogs and more.

The program is ever evolving and multidimensional.  Please see some of the benefits that we are offering partner shelters and visit the Partner Shelter Program page on Bound Angels by clicking here.

Shelter Partner Program Benefits:

• Co-branded articles for staff, volunteers on kennel protocols, training and marketing.
– articles will include shelter name and logo along with Bound Angels logo. **

• Co-branded articles for adopters.  Articles will include your shelter name and logo along with Bound Angels logo. **

• Co-branded B.A.R.C. Behavior Assessment and Reactivity Checklist forms, instructions and checklist. ** Plus support in our forum.

• Membership to our online discussion group and list serve to network with others about any topic including behavior assessment and training, adoption, marketing, video and photography how to, etc.

• Listing of your videos and photos on our Facebook page(s) and features in our blogs and posting.

• 100 copies monthly of our full color card-stock printed Bringing Home Your New Dog (English, Spanish or combination).  Additional copies may be purchased at wholesale.

• Free copies of our books, 1 book per shelter.  Additional may be purchased at wholesale.

• Discounted participation in any future training workshops

• Your shelter logo and link featured on our site.  Our Bound Angels Partner Shelter Program logo can be added to your site.

** All co branded articles will be provided to the shelter in PDF Format and can be printed by shelter as needed.  Please specify color or B&W.