not looking won’t make it go away…

Bound Angels Blog

There’s an old expression that goes something like this, “If slaughter houses had windows, we’d all be vegetarians.”  Maybe that is why, with the amount of videos and pics available on the internet, we are seeing more and more people embracing compassion.  My only question is, “Why aren’t there more?”

It seems that people think that some things are so difficult to look at, that they simply can’t look.  I understand the pain in these people’s hearts.  They are the ones that can’t visit a shelter, because the thought that some of these animals will die, is just too overwhelming for them.  However, imagine if no one looked, if everyone felt that pain.

Believe me, we all feel the pain.  There are tears that fall straight into my heart when I see the face of the dog that was abandoned, abused or neglected, however, even more so, the dog that others choose not to look at.  The pain these animals endure deserves at least a look, a glimpse of compassion, a warm heart to say, “I feel for you.”  If we all looked at the terrible things, we could start a change.

Knowledge is the key to change, and action is turning that key.

Each and every day I see hundreds of pictures of abused animals, videos and articles.  I know I can’t help them all, but I make a sincere effort to at least look, to offer a prayer, a tear, an apology for what my fellow humans have done.  What these heartless humans do to innocent animals is beyond my wildest imagination, but not beyond the wish that I have that these people should come to understand the suffering that these animals endure.  The abusers walk away, often-times with the help of our shelter system to take over and the police to protect them.  They are heartless cowards, they are the lowest of the low.  And if there’s a hell after this life, I hope it will be equal to the pains they’ve inflicted upon their victims.

Hell is however a place on this earth for so many that can’t help themselves.  After a lifetime of neglect and abuse, these animals usually find themselves dead or left in a shelter that eventually must put them down.  The very select-few get out with the help of those that look at the pictures, those that reach out to right the wrongs of the evil ones.    These few give up their comfort to delve into a world of pain and sorrow, of utter thanklessness to try and make a difference, knowing full well that they fall short to all of those that they just can’t reach.  Their thanks is not notoriety or gain, but a look in the eyes of the one that they saved.  The thank you that can not be expressed in words or gifts, but through a feeling in your heart; a feeling that resonates so deeply in your heart that it rings for an entire lifetime.

These are the people that can’t look away…  these are the people that look in spite of the pain and make a difference for those that are doomed without us.