Goodbye Puppy

Bound Angels Blog

Some just hit you harder than others…

It was over two years ago that a case came to my attention that would change my life.  A case in which a dog had been isolated for 14 months in an LA County Shelter after being condemned by the court and sentenced to death.  It took us a 14 month court battle, thousands in fees and a fight for Puppy that no one thought we could win.  Well, we did win.  Puppy was freed after over a year living in a 5’x7′ cell.

Once freed we were able to transport him to a sanctuary in Texas called Smiling Dog Farms, there Puppy enjoyed his last years of life and freedom.  If not for the kindness and compassion of Jay and Ricky, Puppy would have had no place to go.  Puppy was accused of aggression and was labeled a vicious dog by animal control.  In most cases he would have been destroyed and met his fate at the end of a needle while laying on a cold table.  Instead Puppy lived with Jay and Ricky, in their home, and that is where he died – of natural causes – just last night.  His last days he spent in a bed and being loved.

If you’d like to see Puppy’s Video from the fight to the rescue, please click here. Get your tissues ready, but know that we won this fight and Puppy got what so many dogs never get; a chance at life.  He was neglected, dumped at the shelter, then adopted by someone who didn’t give him the fight that Puppy deserved, but with the help of our friends and donors we saved him.  We saved him: You and I, Jay and Ricky, Bound Angels and Smiling Dog Farms… and all of you who donated, prayed, cared and helped.  Thank you to everyone from the Agoura Shelter, thank you to Shannon Keith, thank you to Yaz, Stacy, Robin and so many others…  But most of all – thank you Puppy for touching my life and making my mission even stronger and giving me the strength and courage to continue this sometimes tireless fight.  Knowing you lived and that we saved you refuels my soul.

Godspeed Puppy, see you on the other side!