Fundraiser 2013

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So, another thing I am not good at being consistent at is fundraising.  I guess that’s because I see so many other groups fundraising more than doing the work, so I think that everyone thinks like me.  Therefore, I don’t do fundraisers.  Since starting Bound Angels in 2007 we’ve done 3, yes 3 fundraisers.  We run on a super shoestring budget so that we don’t have to beg for money, but we’re about to run this well dry.

So, here we are planning a fundraiser and it’s right around the corner.  October 6, 2013 we’re having a small get together for a few hundred of our friends and supporters and calling it “An Afternoon at the Movies.”  We’re holding the event at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica CA from 1:00-4:00PM

We’ll be showing some stories of rescue and hope, we’ll go inside the work of rescue and show what really makes it work (and what doesn’t).  It will be a very casual get together for a great cause.  Our work has saved countless lives and we are trying to spread this work to shelters all over the US.  We have several already, but the more shelters that use our programs, the more lives we save.

For more information on this event, please click here:

We also have more information available at our website:

I hope to see you there….  please share this event with all of your friends.

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