Free Adoption Handout

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One of the most common problems facing dogs is  lack of understanding from people bringing them home, either for the first time or even seasoned dog owners.  People may have the best intentions, but often fall short and place way too much pressure on the dog, this is a recipe for disaster.  This disaster usually ends with the dog back at the shelter.

After much thought and work, we are proud to introduce our first “adoption handout” that covers so many topics, I can hardly beleive we were able to fit it all into one pamphlet.

The guide starts with 10 Tips for Bringing Home Your New Dog, then moves on to Crate Training, Some simple YES and NO tips for dogs and concludes with a quick glimpse on basic obedience training.  We are making this handout available for shelters, humane organizations and rescues.  There is even a space on the back where you can add your organizations sticker and logo.  This pamphlet is printed on heavy card stock and will be used for many years by adopters.

If you are interested in the handout, check out the link to get more information and contact us for more details.

Some more great news, this guide is also available in Spanish!!!

Please spread the word and join the revolution!