Every Once in a While

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all something comes along to amaze you.

This amazement isn’t always good, but there’s always something good about it.  The other day I was at the West LA shelter doing a series of temperament tests for the K9 Connection program when I walked down the kennels and found Chewey and Maggie Sue cuddled together in their run.  Yes, cuddled together.  They were wrapped up in each others arms like a loving human couple would be to keep each other safe from any harm that might befall them.  I’ve seen some really cute things, but this just about took the cake.

Chewey is a 100lb mastiff and Maggie Sue is a 30lb beagle mix.  It seems that Chewey has some sort of an issue that makes him wobble when he walks, he has to sit down every so often to keep from getting exhausted.  But that doesn’t bother Maggie Sue, she goes over and licks his face and waits for him.  Chewey will often  pick up the leash and walk Maggie Sue along the yard.  it is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a DAMN LONG TIME.  Thank God the shelter staff is focusing on getting them a home together.  It would be the ultimate injustice to see these two get separated,  especially after their human just dumped them at the shelter and left them for dead.

The good news is that Chewey’s hip issue is getting better with some acupuncture treatments.  He is a super sweet dog and so is Maggie Sue.  Please watch their video, http://youtu.be/ocdilCS_pwM

Please share their story, they really deserve a break.  They’re great with people and other dogs.  They need a place to live out their lives together… TOGETHER..  they need to stay together.  Please help them get a home and I’ll send you a Bound Angels Tshirt or Hat.

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