End the Gas Chamber

Bound Angels Blog

As many of you know, it is the core mission of BOUND ANGELS to end the killing of animals in shelters.  Lets start with the idea that animals are sill being gassed.  This is an incredibly sick method of killing pets.  The attached video is not for the weak of heart, however IF you’ve ever loved a pet, watch it for them.  Have the courage to stand up for the brothers and sisters of the pet you love(d).  THEN, take action.
Call North Carolina Governor Easly at 919-733-4240 and 919-799-5811
NC Agricultural Commissioner Steve Troxler 919-799-7125
NC Chamber of Commerce President Lew Ebert 919-836-1407
Tell then that you will boycott North Carolina goods and will spread the word about gassing practices in North Carolina.  Demand justice for those who are dying…  No one wants negative PR, especially not a state.  This is sick!  
This is important.  In days gone by animals were drowned in tanks among other tortures.  We live in a society where we can make a difference..  take a stand.