Where Do Your Donations Go?

donations to Bound Angels save lives
Bound Angels University-

Bound Angels University is a hands on program that teaches employees of Municipal Animal Shelters, SPCA’s and Humane Societies “Canine Behavior in a Shelter Setting.”  An intensive 3 day program that is held at the LA City Shelter, using real shelter dogs and real skills to save more lives.  The program is limited to 5 shelters per course and all aspects of canine behavior are covered including training, assessing, handling and playgroups.  Hands on dog training and handling skills are taught as are canine behavior theory and application.  For more information about this program, please click here.  This program is provided free of charge because of  the support of friends like you.


Shelter Behavior Video Training Channel –

The Shelter Behavior Training Channel includes narrated video instruction shot on location at real municipal animal shelters.  Each video contains step by step overviews and guidance of real life situations including tools shelter workers and volunteers need most including dealing with fearful and aggressive dogs as well as counter conditioning behaviors and instructions how to safely handle difficult dogs.  This video channel is available to staff and volunteers at shelters.  All of our training is available on our Vimeo channel as well as our YouTube channel  The more people that see this information, the more lives we can save.

Selling Used Dogs- Book –

Each person who reads this book comes into contact with hundreds of dogs over the course of a year.  This book is written with rescue workers and shelter workers in mind.  Selling Used Dogs includes proven programs that increase adoptions as well as Robert Cabral’s successful Behavioral Assessment Test – a 30 page guide invaluable in determining a dogs overall personality.  This guide assists people in determining the best placement of any dog.  The test is a fair guide in determining the dogs drive, sensitivity and ability to get along once out of the shelter.


Adoption Handout -Bringing Home the New Dog – 

The Bound Angels adoption handout has proven a life saver for new adopters at all of the animal adoption agencies we have provided it to.  The booklet contains tons of information for dog owners, all of which is designed to make the transition of bringing home the new dog easier on the family and their dog.  We have distributed tens of thousands of these booklets and each one equals a happy dog that will stay with his new family (hopefully forever).  Click here to see the handout.


Desperate Dogs Determined Measures- Book –

This unique book addresses working with the most difficult dogs in our nation’s shelters, those are direct risk of being killed.  DDDM contains step by step guidance and support for addressing numerous behavior issues including fear, dominance, aggression, food and resource guarding and much more.  One shelter director said, “In my 50 years of animal welfare work , I have never read a more useful “ bible” for all of us who want to give more dogs a second chance.”

Behavioral Assessment Program-

Even dogs in a loving home may exhibit aggressive behavior. Can a dog’s aggression be changed?  Is this the right human for this dog?  Can this dog be assimilated into a new family with existing pets?  Bound Angels provides a thorough assessment of an animal’s demeanor, drive and behavior, culminating in a professional opinion about the best course of action to follow.

• All of these services are provided free of charge to shelters. 

• Your kind donations allow us to provide our lifesaving work free of charge to those who need it most!

• Our primary goal is awareness for ALL  animals.

• Sponsor a  billboard for animal rights and awareness