Delavan Township in Wisconsin to Murder Wild Geese

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As if its not bad enough with all of the animals being killed in the Gulf Oil Crisis, Delavan Township is setting out to kill the Canada geese which they claim are a nuisance. The primary concern is the =droppings, that these “droppings” impose an inconvenience on the “humans” who which to enjoy the park…. OK, maybe a point to be taken – not a good one, but a point.

Well, a committee presented the council with a proposal of volunteers that would step up and clean the park and even developed a plan to minimize the population in a humane way. What is the Town Councils decision? MURDER. You gotta love governments that condone murdering animals! Who the fuck votes there? I certainly hope that each and every one of these people is voted out and that they feel the repercussions. They say their decisions are made based on health issues.

Please check this link:!/group.php?gid=121954864505374

And if you’re on facebook, join their cause. This makes me sick and angry at the same time. If you are local, I would say get there and stand in the way, you will be removed, but stand their anyway. I don’t suggest anything violent, I suggest getting in the way and making the job of murder a little more difficult physically since its obviously not morally difficult for these morons. I also suggest video taping it and spreading the word that this is not ok.

Also, here is the contact info to voice your opinion.

Please call or email to oppose this kill!
Town Chair- Dorothy Burwell 262- 728-6085 Cell:262-374-2560 [email protected]

Park Committe/Supervisor-
Herb Sessner
262- 740-1195 Cell 262-374-9756
[email protected]

Take an action for someone who can not – for someday you may require someone to step up for you, when you can not!

Robert Cabral
Bound Angels