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Bound Angels Banana Challenge

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To raise awareness for shelter dogs everywhere and their need to connect with people, we are announcing the
“Bound Angels Banana Challenge,”  the vegan version of our “Bound Angels Hot Dog Challenge.”

The challenge is simple, take 3 pieces of banana and get them from your mouth to your dog’s mouth without using your hands.  Ideally spitting them from your mouth to your dog’s mouth.  This is a trick competitive trainers have used for years to build focus with their dogs, now you can do it to help shelter dogs everywhere!  When you’ve done the challenge, post your video #boundangelsbananachallenge and challenge your friends to do the same.  Watch the fun video below to see how it’s done.

The Bound Angels Banana Challenge is a fun way to raise awareness for shelter dogs everywhere.  The challenge is simple and fun and shows the dog’s connection with his or her person.  We hope that one day all dogs will share this type of connection with their special person.

Whether your dog catches the banana or not, post your video and have fun!  Include your name, the names of the people you are challenging as well as THE BOUND ANGELS BANANA CHALLENGE for Shelter Dogs.  Be outrageous and have fun, challenge friends and their dogs – spread the word that SHELTER DOGS NEED LOVE!

You don’t need to be nominated, you can start your own challenge!

You can post your video on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but be sure to include #boundangelsbananachallenge

The first video below by Robert Cabral founder of Bound Angels shows how it’s done.

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for our vegan friends try the Bound Angels Banana Challenge

Let’s make this the “Ice Bucket Challenge” for rescue dogs!

Here are the simple rules:

1. You need 3 pieces banana.
2. You need a dog.
3. You video yourself attempting to get the banana pieces from your mouth to your dog’s mouth.  Whether or not your dog catches them,  you’ve completed the challenge –
POST YOUR VIDEO #boundangelsbananachallenge
4. In your video include:
a. your name
b. the Bound Angels Banana Challenge for Shelter Dogs
c. the names of the people you are challenging.

*** See also the Bound Angels Hot Dog Challenge!