another day – another opportunity

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I’ve come to realize that each and every day gives us an opportunity to either do something, or the opportunity to do nothing.  Today someone stepped up and did something.

I’d like to focus on a group named PeiPeople, a local Shar Pei rescue group here in southern Ca.  It’s run by two super women, Sue and Jody -both good friends of mine.   As many of you know I do have a soft spot for these wrinkle heads (the dogs that is) because of my very own Silly.  I’ve worked with PeiPeople on numerous rescues, each and every one has been a pleasure.  These people love dogs and put their hearts (and wallets) into everything they do.

Today was their fundraiser, and to highlight the work they do, I’d like to invite you to see two dogs they rescued.  Roger and Ginger, a mother and son who were due to be killed at the shelter were rescued by Pei People over a year ago.  They rescued them and have been paying their boarding ever since.  They are committed to finding these two beauties a loving forever home, but they need your help.  These dogs desperately need a home, and I’d like to ask you to help them.

Please forward this video, spread the word or donate to help them continue their important work.

Thanks for reading and thank you for your continued support.