You Can Help

Bound Angels is building a viral presence for shelter animals…  and you can help.

  • Spread the word, send our newsletter or a link to our site to everyone you know.
  • Put a small line in your signature on your email:  “I support Please do the same.”
  • Visit our YouTube channel at and tell everyone you know to go there and watch our videos… spread the word.

Help us by donating.  All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Awareness is the key to change.  Bound Angels is available to speak to schools, groups and media events about animal rights, the shelter system, canine behavior as well as the problems and the solutions.
  • We need spokespeople for the animals.  Do you know a celebrity who would lend their voice to the animals?

Some other things you can do…

  1. First and Foremost: A pet is a commitment for life: Wherever your pet comes from, it has the same requirements; it will require a lifetime of dedication.  DO NOT GET A PET on a whim.  Think about it carefully before you jump in.  Don’t get an animal with the intention that “If it doesn’t work out, I can get rid of them.”  Think, plan and educate yourself beforehand, and understand this is a commitment for ten years or more.
  2. Adopt a Shelter Animal:  NEVER BUY A PET FROM A PET STORE: Shelter animals make better lovers.  They are appreciative, loving and just as good, if not better, than the animals you find in the pet store at the mall.  You’re not only getting a companion for yourself, but you are saving a life when you adopt.
  3. Spay and neuter your pets: One of the most common problems is pet overpopulation.  Spaying and neutering your pets will prevent unwanted births and prevent the senseless killing of innocent animals.
  4. Support No Kill Legislation: Support legislators who fight for animal rights, and equally, challenge those who ignore animal rights.
  5. Educate yourself about your pet before you get them: Pets require time and money.  The puppy or kitten is cute today, but will grow up and become a big dog or cat.  You are not getting a kitten or puppy, you are signing up for a long-term commitment.  If you’re not ready for the commitment, don’t get the animal in the first place.  Different pets require different levels of commitment.  Certain pets and certain breeds require more attention.  For example, if you get a pet that requires a higher level of exercise or attention and you cannot commit, don’t do it.  Research the animal you are getting; think about it.  If everyone committed for the life of the pet they get, the shelters would be empty.
  6. Microchip, tattoo and/or tag your pets: Many animals that end up in shelter cannot be placed back to their owners because they do not have tags and are not chipped.  Consider it like Lo-Jack for your pet.
  7. Donate to organizations that support animal rights: Even small donations can help keep animals alive that would otherwise be murdered.  The biggest problem facing animal rescue today is funding.  With more resources, more animals can be kept alive.  Consider supporting your local rescues, shelters and grassroots organizations before supporting the bigger organizations that already have lots of resources.
  8. Trained animals are less likely to end up in shelters:  One of the main reason people give up their animals, especially dogs, is that they are “Too much to handle.”  Proper training, housebreaking and socialization will make your life with the animal easier.
  9. Don’t get an animal to teach your children “responsibility”:  Animals should NEVER be “used” to teach children how to be responsible.  Children should not be left alone with animals until they both can be trusted, and young children should never be with any dog unsupervised.