A Happy Day for Romeo & Juliet

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If you’ve ever wanted to see an expression of true happiness, you only needed to be with me as I secured the safety of Romeo & Juliet, the sharpei pair that have swept the web by storm. Blind Juliet depends on her Romeo for safety, security and love. He is absolutely one of the sweetest creatures God has ever created. They both hopped into the back of my car after leaving the shelter where they sat for over a month. Once in my car they then sat up and looked out the window. Even though little Juliet can not see anything, she stood up and perched herself against the window of my SUV just the same. Eventually Romeo made his way toward me and just licked the back of my arm. Slowly Juliet inched her way forward and began licking. My eyes filled with tears as I finally realized what a miracle these two have been a part of.

Through the help of so many people, starting with The Pasadena Humane Society (thank you Kevin), all of your generous help in spreading the message and Kathy of Merlin’s Hope for stepping forward to place these two, these guys have a second chance at life… and not just a second chance, Merlin’s Hope and Bound Angels are committed that it will be a second chance at life TWO-gether 4EVER. They will be fostered in a real home, with other dogs, a good diet and lots of love. NEVER another shelter for them.

I brought them to a friend of mine to board them overnight, as they will be getting aboard a jet place on Thursday heading for Merlin’s Hope. Kim Haba, the best anesthesia free teeth cleaning tech gave them both a nice cleaning, we bought them two new beds and they’re as happy as can be. This will be an exiting journey and we are all a part of it. Giving hope to the hopeless… Through the power of LOVE… its all possible… Look at those faces …

More updates to come…

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