5 Dogs Saved from DEATH- Thank you!

Bound Angels Blog

To say I’m emotional at this moment would be a grand understatement. Since last Sunday May 18th, I’ve been working this case…and pretty much nothing else. This is the case of 5 dogs scheduled to be KILLED at the LA County Shelter. They belonged to a “challenged” man, who truly became a victim of the system. One of his dogs was involved in a biting, yet all 5 were scheduled to be KILLED. His lawyer took his money and soon disappeared, leaving him stranded. With no resources at all to turn to, a colleague in Oregon referred him to me. The case was very personal to me, as I had just lost one of my dogs. I would do this for my Boots.

The logistics of this rescue was huge. Negotiations with animal control, police agencies, the sanctuary, district attorney, the owner of the dogs and the vet, as well as flight arrangements. If they could not be placed in a “sanctuary” they would be killed. SIMPLE AS THAT. The only place I could find was www.smilingdogfarms.org NO ONE else would step up. NO ONE….

The incredible support I received from so many of you made this all possible. Aside from a few naysayers, who attempt to thwart the efforts of true rescues with negative underpinnings, all was positive. This case fueled at least 500-1000 email, plus countless hours on the phone. I do not have time in my schedule to fend off negatives, yet rather focus on the reason I started BOUND ANGELS… to save lives – simple as that. Not to argue, answer silly emails, defend nor explain myself.

I am eternally grateful to ALL of you who helped make this rescue possible. Jose, the owner of the dogs was in tears as my final negotiation with the City Attorney allowed him to keep one of the dogs ( a negotiation which lasted over a week). In the 11th hour, the dogs were rescued and airlifted to Texas. I have photos and a video to follow. Stay posted for that. But for now, I wanted to share the good news with you even though I am thoroughly wiped out. Again, thank you all… May the joy you’ve brought in saving these lives shine upon each and every one of you.

With kind regards,

Robert Cabral
“giving a voice to animals”