1 day – 4 people – 5 lives saved

Bound Angels Blog

What started out as a location scouting trip for a TV show pilot turned into something totally different.

So there is talk of a TV show about my work, so today we needed to scout the location, which was at the San Bernadino Shelter.  For those who know me, you know I don’t like to leave Malibu, let alone drive 200 miles to San Bernadino… early in the morning.  So there we are arriving at the San Bernadino shelter right around 10:30AM.  The producers went their way and I went mine.  I see the faces, the souls of all those lives behind bars, soon to be over because some idiot human was too selfish to care.

A woman came in to the shelter crying that she had to give up her dog, weeping and carrying on.  Well everyone with me was so compassionate to her, feeling sorry – except me.  I called it what it is.  A selfish ass who is looking for some compassion for one of the most un-compassionate acts I can imagine.  “She’s moving.”  I asked the ever probing question:  “Where the f*ck is she moving that doesn’t accept dogs?”  Give me the name of the state, city or town.  Bottom line, there is no such place.  It’s a cop-out!  I didn’t feel bad for her or give her one ounce of compassion.  Sorry, but the dog is gonna be killed because she won’t extend the effort to look for a place that will take the dog.  Bull-shit!  Let her pull her weeping – sobbing BS with someone else.  She’s a selfish ass who needs to be held accountable for her actions…  the dog did nothing wrong and will suffer till he dies.  She’s gonna go home after dumping him, wipe the crocodile tears from her face and go on with her life.

Well, onto the rest of my story.  In one of the kennels my friend Kim spots a black Shar Pei, a young girl.  They took her out and brought her to me.  Super sweet, beautiful, easy with kids, people, just perfect.  But I can’t take her…  well, there was no choice.  I said before she goes into my car, she’s getting a bath.

One of the volunteers brought me some shampoo and a towel.  This poor thing was filthy, and itching like crazy to boot.  Well, a hose in the side yard was the answer to my wishes.  I gave her a bath and she loved it.  I dried her off and plopped her in the back seat of my truck.  In the meantime, the rest of the crew had found 3 kittens in a diaper box and a young 7 week old puppy that was on the “kill-table.”  They found their way into my backseat. This puppy was literally on the table with the needle in the vet techs hand when someone spotted us.  They ran out and said, “If you don’t take him, we have to put him down.”  That’s a tough one to say no to.

I named the Shar Pei “VELVET” because she has a beautiful black coat and is just as sweet and smooth as velvet.  She reminds me of a Pei named Jasmine that I saved with Merlin’s Hope in Canada a while back.

If you’d like to adopt Velvet, please click here to visit PeiPeople.com – they will be happy to adopt her to a loving home.  Whoever gets this baby is gonna be very happy.  I temperament tested her and she is absolutely perfect….  NO ISSUES at all…  just maybe too sweet and loving for the average person.  She should only go to a home filled with love,  love and more love….

As for the puppy, well, he’s going into a foster home that Christina and Glenn from the production company figured out on the ride home.  Kim lined up a home for the kittens at a local pet store in South Pasadena.

Now, if you’re gonna spend the day driving to hell and back, you could not get 3 better people to do it with than the three I had in my car.  Imagine, scouting for a location to shoot a TV show about saving animals and SAVING 5 ANIMALS that day…  Lets roll those cameras!

keep up the good fight – join the revolution!